The owner of Arizzon Wolverine brand is Q7, the company which deals, among other things, with industrial design. The idea of producing professional equipment for survival fans was born out of passion for survival and long design experience.

When in 2002 I was preparing for my first professional expedition to Taiga, I was looking for a good backpack which would be durable, comfortable, and in colours blending into forest scenery. Unfortunately, at that time in Poland, I could not find a backpack which would meet all those three requirements. There was always something missing...

I came back from my trip, in love with Taiga, and I knew that I would go back there regularly. I spent the time between expeditions on creating a backpack which would suit my needs perfectly and fulfill all demands of severe environment of the Russian Taiga. This is how I built a prototype, which then was taken for tests to the Saian Mountains in Syberia. After coming back I implemented necessary adjustments, taking care about every tiny detail. As a result, the first series of Wolverine backpacks was created. The series was soon regarded as the best Polish survival-military backpacks.
From that time Taiga and Syberia are the main testing area of our equipment. Today, apart from the collection of Arizzon Wolverine backpacks, we hold a patent for Arizzon Poncho - tent and we consider putting into practice some new ideas.

Grzegorz Fojucik